Elements of Grammar


Elements of Grammar


Professor David Eka


This book introduces fresh dimensions into both the elements of grammar and mechanics of English; It has enormous potential utility; there is material for almost every learner of English as a second language. Chapter 1,2,3 and 4 are particularly rich and are useful at the tertiary level of English education for both students and teachers. chapter 5,6. and 7 are equally rich but the tempo seems to have dropped slightly. Chapter 8 is peculiarly accessible to even users at the post-primary level. Reading the book from the beginning to the end gives one a feeling of having followed the events of a classical drama from exposition to development to complication to a climax, then to a resolution and a final catharsis! On a serious note the reader feels he has read it all.

It is also a great resource book. There is no doubt that this text will be found useful by a wide range of students and teachers in the Faculties of Arts and Education in the Universities.
Specifically, students of English Education, Linguistics, Foreign Languages and Communication Arts particularly from their sophomore years will find it a useful guide in the writing courses. Generally, the text will go a long way in righting the wrongs of grammatical inaccuracies or smoothening the rough edges of undergraduate writing.

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