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Book Chapters

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In: Issues in Sustainable Agricultural
Development (Y.L. Fabiyi and M NyienakunaEds) Chapter 15 pp. 177- 194.

In Okpara, E. N. (Ed) Survival of the Nigerian Education System. Nsukka:

In Udoh, S. U. & Akpa, G. O. (eds) Environmental Education for Sustainable Development.

In Emenogu, B. C. et al (eds) Issues and Strategies in Childhood Education.

In Ekpo, O. E. (Ed) Sociology of Education: A book of

In Nworgu, B. G. (ed). Perspectives on Teacher Education in Nigeria.

In Etuk, U (ed) University Education and Sustainable Development: A Forum.

In Eheazu, B. A. and Ivowi, U.M. O.(Eds) Minimum Standards and accountability in the Nigerian Educational System.

In Nworgu, B, G. (Ed) Curriculum Development/ Implementation and Evaluation.

In Okpara E. N. (Ed). Gender Issues in Education and Development.

In Nworgu, B.G and Eke, E.I (Eds) Access, Quality and Cost in Nigerian Education.

In Unachukwu, G. C. & Imoge, A.(Eds) Educating Children in Difficult Circumstances in Nigeria.

In Etuk, U (Ed) Injecting Quality into our University.

In: Fish and fisheries of south eastern Nigeria. (R. P. King and B. S. Moses, eds.).

Workshop on the Potential Utilizatin of Cassava as Livestock Feed in Africa. Pp.72 – 81. (IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria).

In: Stares, J. E. S., Said, A. N. and Katagile, J.A. (Eds.). The Complementarity of feed resources for animal production in Africa. African Feeds Research Network. International Livestock Centre for Africa. Pp. 181 – 188. (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia).

In Priorities for the Development Of AkwaIbom State, Ed. Ukpong I. I., Iniodu, P. U.,

Communication in English for Polytechnics and Other Colleges. Ed. By A. A. Onukaogu

Ethnicity, Citizenship and Democracy in the United States. Eds. Shamsudeen O. Amali et al. Humanities Publishers, Ibadan, pp 212-222.

Ethnicity, Citizenship and Democracy in the United States. Eds. Shamsudeen O. Amali et al.

In Foundations to Communication. Ed. Bassey Daniel, Uyo: Mer-Tab Publishers, Pp 177-85.

Contemporary American Literature. Eds. Saeeda Asadullah Khan et al, pp 67 -82, Pakistan: National University of Modern Languages.

In: Cartography, GIS and Agricultural Development (Robert E. Ekpenyong and Nnabugwu Uluocha, Eds). P 26 - 44

In: Environmental Pollution and Management in the tropics. (E.N. Adinna, O. B. Ekop and V. I. Attah, eds).

In T. A. Adedoja (Ed.) Sports Development in Nigeria University. (Chapter 2)

In O. E. Ekpo (Ed.) Sociology of Education: A Book of Readings. Chapter 2

In V.C. Igbanugo (Ed.) Multidisciplinary Approach to Human and Health Education.

In: Ekpo, C. M. (ED) Women and Leadership. Lagos: VWSF, 28-41.

In: E. N. Okpara (ED) Survival of the Nigerian Educational System in Nigeria APQEN Vol.7, Nsukka University Trust Publishers, 301-308.

81st IFLA General Conference and Assembly. 15-21 August. Capetown, South Africa.

In E. M. Abasieking & I. V. O. Modo (EDS) High Points in Development, Uyo: Etofia Media Services: 275-286

Quality Services in Academic Libraries edited by E. J. Ottong, P. I. Egwuasi and N. L. Menez. USA: AuthorHouse, PP 8-21

In Etuk (2006) (Ed) Injecting quality into our University. P. 44.

In E. C. Osuala & S. C. O. A. Ereli (Eds.) Reading in Vocational Education Uyo, Dorand publishers, 256-264

In: Science and Technology in Akwa Ibom State: Visions and Perspectives edited by Linus O. Asuquo. Uyo: MEF (Nig) Ltd. 95-120

In Harvests from the Gown edited by E.E. Urua, I.M. Udofot and H. Uduk.

In Effiong Johnson (ed) Script: Understanding. Analysis. Interpretation for Performance. Cape Coast: University of Cape Coast Press.

In Akoh, Ameh and Inegbe, Stephen (eds.) Arts, Culture and Communication in a Post-Colony. Kent: United Kingdom

In Ebele Eko (ed) Masterpieces of African Literature Vol. 1

In C. Nwamuo (ed) Theatre Studies Review: A Journal of Theory, Criticism, Aesthetics, Administration, History and Practice of Theatre Arts Vol.1 pp27 – 37.
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