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Book Chapters

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In: Issues in Sustainable Agricultural
Development (Y.L. Fabiyi and M NyienakunaEds) Chapter 15 pp. 177- 194.

In Okpara, E. N. (Ed) Survival of the Nigerian Education System. Nsukka:

In Udoh, S. U. & Akpa, G. O. (eds) Environmental Education for Sustainable Development.

In Emenogu, B. C. et al (eds) Issues and Strategies in Childhood Education.

In Ekpo, O. E. (Ed) Sociology of Education: A book of

In Nworgu, B. G. (ed). Perspectives on Teacher Education in Nigeria.

In Etuk, U (ed) University Education and Sustainable Development: A Forum.

In Eheazu, B. A. and Ivowi, U.M. O.(Eds) Minimum Standards and accountability in the Nigerian Educational System.

In Nworgu, B, G. (Ed) Curriculum Development/ Implementation and Evaluation.

In Okpara E. N. (Ed). Gender Issues in Education and Development.

In Nworgu, B.G and Eke, E.I (Eds) Access, Quality and Cost in Nigerian Education.

In Unachukwu, G. C. & Imoge, A.(Eds) Educating Children in Difficult Circumstances in Nigeria.

In Etuk, U (Ed) Injecting Quality into our University.

In: Fish and fisheries of south eastern Nigeria. (R. P. King and B. S. Moses, eds.).
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