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Languages have a lot in common despite their surface diversity. However, no two languages have the same phonological, morphological or even syntactic patterns. Each language is unique. The linguistic description of any language can contribute to a…

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Communication is a many-sided thing.
It means different things to different people. But essentially it is like life’s most inevitable fixture: death. Yet communication is not about the dead but the living. For man, communication surrounds his life…

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When what devolved into secret cults in Nigerian University began at the University of Ibadan in 1952 the future, unlike today, was not pointing backwards. Their idea was constructive service. But somewhere a mutation occurred and the fatal fission…

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This book is an attempt to bring a group of lesser known vascular plants to the limelight. Ferns and their allies have more often than always been relegated to classroom lectures with little knowledge of the common genera found in Nigeria. The…

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Phonological Foundations: English deals with segmental and nonsegmental features of English. It is written in a highly simplified manner for the purpose of encouraging a maximum of understanding by students/general readers with or without any…

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This book introduces fresh dimensions into both the elements of grammar and mechanics of English; It has enormous potential utility; there is material for almost every learner of English as a second language. Chapter 1,2,3 and 4 are particularly rich…

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The 26th Inaugural Lecture of University of Uyo, March 18. 92pages

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The 37th Inaugural Lecture of the University of Uyo. 20th February.

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