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Ibia, T. O., V. A. Parker and G S Effiong 2007

Position: 51 (13 views)

Ibia, T. O.,Idungafa, M. A. and Obi, J. C. 2010

Position: 51 (13 views)

Ogban, P. I. and Ibia, T. O. 6 – 10th, Dec, 2004

Position: 51 (13 views)

John, N. M., Greg S. Effiong; T. O. Ibia and B. E. Idiong 2009

Position: 104 (12 views)

Ibia T. O., E. J. Udo and J. A. I. Omueti 2009

Position: 104 (12 views)

Effiong, G. S.; Ogban, P.I.; Ibia, T.O. and Edem, S.O. 1997

Position: 38 (14 views)

Korieocha, D. S., I. N. Onyekwere, and T. O. Ibia 2009

Position: 25 (15 views)

Ibia, T O., Uko-Haka, I B., Edem, S O., Ogban, P I and Obi, J C

Position: 51 (13 views)

G. S Effiong.,T. O. Ibia., P. I. Ogban and N. D. Inyang 2009

Position: 104 (12 views)

P. I. Ogban, G. S. Effiong and T. O. Ibia. 2008

Position: 238 (10 views)

Obi, J. C., Ibia, T. O., and Eshiet, P. B 2015

Position: 169 (11 views)

Ibia, T.O. 1997

Position: 104 (12 views)

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