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In Okpara, E. N. (Ed) Survival of the Nigerian Education System. Nsukka:

Position: 111 (40 views)

In Udoh, S. U. & Akpa, G. O. (eds) Environmental Education for Sustainable Development.

Position: 46 (44 views)

In Emenogu, B. C. et al (eds) Issues and Strategies in Childhood Education.

Position: 78 (42 views)

In Ekpo, O. E. (Ed) Sociology of Education: A book of

Position: 14 (69 views)

In Nworgu, B. G. (ed). Perspectives on Teacher Education in Nigeria.

Position: 33 (46 views)

In Etuk, U (ed) University Education and Sustainable Development: A Forum.

Position: 142 (38 views)

The 17th Obong Sampson Udo Etuk Memorial Lecture presented at Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio International Hqt., Uyo.

Position: 111 (40 views)

In Eheazu, B. A. and Ivowi, U.M. O.(Eds) Minimum Standards and accountability in the Nigerian Educational System.

Position: 78 (42 views)

In Nworgu, B, G. (Ed) Curriculum Development/ Implementation and Evaluation.

Position: 155 (37 views)

In Okpara E. N. (Ed). Gender Issues in Education and Development.

Position: 96 (41 views)

In Nworgu, B.G and Eke, E.I (Eds) Access, Quality and Cost in Nigerian Education.

Position: 155 (37 views)

In Kosemani, J. M. (ed) Educational Disparity: The
Nigerian Situation.

Position: 530 (17 views)

In Abasiattai, M. B., Ukpong, I. I.and Essenowo, G. J. (eds). The Nigerian Nation: Nigerian Peoples and Cultures.

Position: 411 (24 views)

In Unachukwu, G. C. & Imoge, A.(Eds) Educating Children in Difficult Circumstances in Nigeria.

Position: 129 (39 views)

In Etuk, U (Ed) Injecting Quality into our University.

Position: 173 (36 views)

Nigerian Journal of Vocational Teacher Education 3
(2) 80-85

Position: 411 (24 views)

In Nnachi,R. O. & Ezeh, P. S. E.(Ed) Child Abuse and Neglect.

Position: 639 (11 views)

The 33rd Inaugural lecture of University of Uyo.

Position: 715 (9 views)

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