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In Kosemani, J. M. (ed) Educational Disparity: The
Nigerian Situation.

Position: 530 (12 views)

Proceedings of 39th Annual Conference, Nigerian Society for Animal Production, Ilishan-Remo, Nigeria.

Position: 118 (30 views)

Proceedings, 10th Farming Systems Research and Extension Workshop, South-East Nigeria, Umudike, Nigeria.

Position: 105 (31 views)

Position: 495 (15 views)

Edited by Y.L. Fabiyi and M Nyienakuna

Position: 67 (33 views)

In: E. D. Akpan (ed). Communication Arts: Principles, Applications and Practices.

Position: 145 (29 views)

In: D. Orisaway (ed). Developing Communication Skills in English Language: A Book of Readings. New Generation Books, Enugu; pp. 11-25

Position: 191 (27 views)

In: Okame O. (ed) Writing the Homeland: The Poetry and Politics of Tenure Ojaide; Bayreuth African
Studies Series; pp 111-130

Position: 370 (21 views)

Journal of Humanities Vol. 4; pp 10-21

Position: 435 (18 views)

In: Mbong A. Udofot (ed). Current Trends in Educational Practices. Imasons Educational Services, Uyo; pp. 96-109.

Position: 651 (8 views)

In: K. Echenin (ed) The Writer and the Critics: Acts of the 7thAnnual Conference of the Modern Languages Association of Nigeria. University of Calabar; pp 196-210

Position: 290 (24 views)

In: Onookome Okome (ed). ASE: In Collaboration with Africa Press, New Jersey, USA, pp. 69-83

Position: 290 (24 views)

A Commissioned Paper for a Festschrift in Honour of Professor David Jowitt as he retires from Active Academics

Position: 118 (30 views)

In: A. U. Iwara (ed). Selected Papers from the Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN), pp. 101-121

Position: 145 (29 views)

In: Ndimele, Ozo-Mekuri (ed) Language and Culture in Nigeria: A Festschrift for Okon Essien Aba, National Institute for Nigerian Language; pp 958-967

Position: 166 (28 views)

In: A. E. Odumuh. (ed). Nigerian English: Selected Essays. Ahmadu Bello University Press, Zaria, pp 37-37.

Position: 312 (23 views)

In: D. Orisawayi, J. Ogu, E. Ntia, A. Essien (eds). Approaches to Oral English and Oral Communication Skills. University of Calabar Press; Calabar; pp. 60-71

Position: 260 (25 views)

In E. N. Okpara (Ed.) Survival of the Nigerian Education System: A Book of Readings (Section E).

Position: 22 (40 views)

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