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Invited paper at 2-day Workshop for Teachers of
Agricultural Science in Akwa Ibom State Secondary Schools, Uyo, Nigeria.

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Proceedings, Silver Anniversary Conference,

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In Effiong Johnson (ed) Script: Understanding. Analysis. Interpretation for Performance. Cape Coast: University of Cape Coast Press.

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In Akoh, Ameh and Inegbe, Stephen (eds.) Arts, Culture and Communication in a Post-Colony. Kent: United Kingdom

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In: E. N. Okpara (ED) Survival of the Nigerian Educational System in Nigeria APQEN Vol.7, Nsukka University Trust Publishers, 301-308.

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In E. N. Okpara (Ed.) Survival of the Nigerian Education System: A Book of Readings (Section E).

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In Okpara, E. N. (Ed) Survival of the Nigerian Education System. Nsukka:

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Position: 1008 (6 views)

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on
Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship in Africa. 1,
(1) 153 – 164.

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In Udoh, S. U. & Akpa, G. O. (eds) Environmental Education for Sustainable Development.

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