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Udoh, B T., A O Ogunkule and T O Ibia 2007

Position: 8 (57 views)

Ibia, T.O.,Ibanga, I. J. and Udo, E. J. 1997

Position: 26 (30 views)

Ibia, T. O., E. Antiaobong., A. D. Usoroh and I. D. Edem 2008

Position: 35 (26 views)

John, N. M., Ibia, T. O., Effiong, G. S., Etokeren, U E and Iren, O B.

Position: 35 (26 views)


Professor Des Wilson and Aniefiok Udoyo

Position: 15 (37 views)

Ogban, P I., Effiong, G S., Obi, J C and Ibia, T O 2012

Position: 35 (26 views)

Esekhade, T. U., E. J. Udo and T. Ibia 20th-23rd October, 2009

Position: 123 (22 views)


Prof. Des Wilson

Position: 20 (34 views)


Ekpo, A. H. and Anayochukwu Agbo

Position: 11 (43 views)


Professor Margaret Bassey

Position: 13 (41 views)


Professor David Eka

Position: 18 (35 views)


Professor David Eka

Position: 14 (38 views)

Ibia, T.O. and Elakie, M.B.M 1999

Position: 31 (27 views)

Effiong, G S., U I Ekong., T O Ibiaand N M John 2012

Position: 35 (26 views)

Effiong, G. S., T. O. Ibia and U. S. Udofia 2009

Position: 52 (25 views)

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