Introductory Pteridology


Introductory Pteridology


Professor Margaret Bassey


This book is an attempt to bring a group of lesser known vascular plants to the limelight. Ferns and their allies have more often than always been relegated to classroom lectures with little knowledge of the common genera found in Nigeria. The current classification of ferns and fern allies based on recent findings has been in this book. An album of common Nigerian ferns as well as a dichotomous key has also been presented to assist alt who may be in working with ferns. The author has also discussed fern morphology extensively dealing with the stern, leaves and asexual reproductive structures and highlighting useful taxonomic characters. An
introduction to fern ecology is also considered as well as the documentation of the life cycles of representatives of those groups of fern and fern allies found in Nigeria.
It Consists of the Following Contents:
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Fern Classification
Chapter Three: Fern Ecology
Chapter Four: Fern Morphology and Anatomy
Chapter Five: Asexual Reproductive Structures
Chapter Six: Life Cycle of Common Fern Allies and Ferns
Chapter Seven: Ferns of Akwa lbom State and A key to Common Genera

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Professor Margaret Bassey, “Introductory Pteridology ,”, accessed October 20, 2021,

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