Phonological Foundations: English


Phonological Foundations: English


Professor David Eka


Phonological Foundations: English deals with segmental and nonsegmental features of English. It is written in a highly simplified manner for the purpose of encouraging a maximum of understanding by students/general readers with or without any previous knowledge of the phonology of English. For advanced students, the book promises to be a rich store phonological sign-posts for further progress. For universities, polytechnics and colleges of education generally and for those in the departments of English, Linguistics, Communication Arts, Theatre Arts and Education specifically, the book promises to be an invaluable source of information.
David Eka is a Ph.D. holder and an Associate Professor in the Department of English. University of Uyo. He is the Editor of Fundamentals of Communication in English: Chief Editors of Journal of Humanities. University of Uyo; author of Elements of Grammar and Mechanics of the English Language and co-author of Aspects of Spoken Language. He also has several journal articles and book chapters to his credit.


ISBN 978-2275-28-X

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Professor David Eka, “Phonological Foundations: English
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