Staging Crime: Women’s human rights and gender-related concerns in situations of Armed Banditry and Kidnapping in Tosin Jobi-Tume’s Jungle of Many Shadows..

Interdisciplinary Journal Of African & Asian Studies (IJAAS) VOL.10 NO. 1, 2024 (ISSN: 2504-8694),


  • Akaenyi Nkiruka Jacinta Department of Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts, Akwa Ibom State University, Nigeria Author



Subjugation and Violence, Crime, Kidnapping, Armed Banditry


This study investigates how kidnapping and armed banditry affects women human’s rights, focusing on Tosin Jobi-Tume’s Jungle of Many Shadows. Through a close analysis of the chosen text, this study analyzes the factors responsible for the high rate of kidnapping and its consequences on women’s human rights and national security in Nigeria. It examines experiences of female characters who navigate the treacherous terrain of violence, exploitation, and loss in this hostile environment. Furthermore, this study interrogates the mechanisms through which patriarchal structures and cultural norms perpetuate gender-based violence and subjugation in the play. This study finds that Tosin Jobi-Tume in this play, Jungle of Many Shadows, tries to establish that the violation of women’s human rights is often exacerbated by conflict and opens the door to powerlessness and oppression of women. This study is an addition to the existing body of scholarly work on gender, conflict and human rights. By examining the specific context, this study contributes to a broader understanding of how conflict exacerbates gender-based violence globally. It throws light on the mechanisms through which women’s rights are violated in conflict zones, offering insights that can inform policy and advocacy efforts.


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