Homosexuality: Reassessing The African-Christian Stand

Africa Journal Of Biblical Research, Volume 5


  • Samuel C. Nwankwo Author
  • Aniekan Etim Nana Lecturer, Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Akpa Author




gay, Lesbianism, Sexuality, Moral Values, African-Christians, Homosexuality


Thechallenges of homosexuality is not a new thing to any society, Africân or otherwise, Homosexualityactivity in various degree has been a long companion of civilization; with varying degrees of tolerance and accommodation. But nowhere in the general history of Africa. except in few places recently, has a hmnosexuality lifestyle been advocated or encouraged. This later develapment
has put African-Christian faith to a cerious dilemma and as well challenged strongly African moral positian. This research adopted phenomenological method and secondary sources of data collection to address the issues raised in this work. It was discovered that homosexuality is anti-Christian, anti-African and as well anti-cultural. It is a negation of God's command for man to replenish
the and inimical to man's continual existence on earth. The work recommended that since homosexuality is not part of the original plan of God for humanity and consequently retrogressive, it should be discouraged. It advocated that homosexuals should not be discriminated against but be psychologically, sexually and spiritually re-orientated and accomodated.


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